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We can help you develop a plan for increasing the value of your business.

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Our expertise and experienced network of advisors allows us to offer a unique set of depth, credentials, and industry expertise to quantify and create true business value in three key areas:

Capture.   Create.   Convert.

Business Valuation: What is the business currently worth and how do we capture its true value now and potential value at the time we wish to sell?

Management Advisory Services: What are the ultimate objectives of the shareholders and what efficiencies can we create within the company to maximize business value and meet other key objectives?

Transition Planning: Who are the potential buyers, what aspects of the business do they value most, and how do we structure the sale to convert maximum business value into cash?

Management Advisory Services

Management advisory services, the goal of which is to provide management with objective feedback to help maximize business value, can take on many different forms; typically efficiencies can be found within one or more of the following three key groups:

Shareholders: Proper planning and alignment of objectives

Key Employees: Ways to attract, retain, motivate, and reward top talent

Key Components: Ways to maximize the key drivers of your business

Transition Planning

Are you considering selling your business within the next 5 years? These next 5 years could be the most crucial in the life of your business. The planning you do between now and the time you sell could make the difference between reaping the full reward for your years of hard work or simply selling to rid your life of the headaches and frustration. Whether you plan to sell to a third party or to existing management, the question is the same:

How do we build maximum value into the business to sell it at the highest possible price?

We help business owners prepare to sell their businesses through our unique planning process, allowing business owners to implement solutions to maximize business value.