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An Overview of the Collaborative Process

The collaborative law process is a structured environment for dispute resolution. It is unlike mediation because before beginning the process, both parties and all participants need to have a full commitment. With everyone’s buy-in the chances of success are very high; the national success rate is 86% according to www.collaborativepracticeflorida.com. These are cases that ended [...]

An Overview of the Collaborative Process2019-10-02T17:18:22-04:00

Six Secrets to Be a Valuable Note-Taker in Collaborate Divorce

Those of us who have been through training in the Collaborative process under the one coach model are familiar with the collaborative team. This team consists of an attorney for each party, a financial neutral, and a neutral facilitator. The team is designed to be complete, for each party to have representation, and the neutrals [...]

Six Secrets to Be a Valuable Note-Taker in Collaborate Divorce2019-06-24T11:31:18-04:00

Value and Risk

We have all heard the expression “the greater the risk the greater the reward”. The adage remains true when considering the value of a company. The value of a business is impacted by the amount of risk involved in receiving a future reward. As with all investment decisions, the risk-to-reward tradeoff must be measured. In [...]

Value and Risk2019-03-29T15:47:37-04:00
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