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Role of the Forensic Accountant in Divorce

The forensic accountant in divorce cases is charged with requesting, gathering, analyzing and evaluating financial data provided by the spouses and their attorneys and then communicating his or her findings.  Specifically, forensic accounting assignments may include the following: […]

Role of the Forensic Accountant in Divorce2011-06-27T15:11:52-04:00

Divorce Forensics: The Search for Hidden Income

When going through a divorce, in is not uncommon for the parties to hire a valuation expert, often at the direction of their attorneys, to assist them with the process of dividing marital assets.  This is especially true when one or both of the individuals involved have business ownership interests.  As emotions can lead people [...]

Divorce Forensics: The Search for Hidden Income2011-06-11T12:50:05-04:00

Collaborative Divorce: Five Advantages and the Forensic Accountant’s Role

There are many advantages offered a divorcing couple who choose to go through the collaborative divorce process as opposed to the traditional litigious divorce process.  The forensic accountant involved can play a key role in each of these advantages.  The following lists five key reasons why collaborative divorce can be a more advantageous process. [...]

Collaborative Divorce: Five Advantages and the Forensic Accountant’s Role2011-05-27T15:22:51-04:00

Collaborative Divorce: The Peaceful Alternative to the Combative Court System

Collaborative Divorce is an alternative divorce process that prevents you from having to go to court and litigate your case.  Collaborative Divorce replaces the adversarial and combative legal system with an approach that permits people to resolve their disputes respectfully and without the hostility and anger often caused by litigation.  The parties and their attorneys [...]

Collaborative Divorce: The Peaceful Alternative to the Combative Court System2011-05-20T14:18:57-04:00

Business Valuations: How to Value the “Cow”

Given the many purposes for valuing a business interest and the various entity structures and standards of value involved, it can often be a daunting task for a business appraiser to develop a proper valuation conclusion. However, most business valuations, regardless of the type of entity, valuation purpose, or ownership characteristics, [...]

Business Valuations: How to Value the “Cow”2019-09-22T18:17:24-04:00

Buying a Business?

Given our stock market volatility, massive federal debt and ongoing spending, high unemployment, and general economic uncertainty, it’s no wonder many investors are currently sitting on cash and metals.  However, our current economic environment could be ideal conditions for certain business buyers.  Here are seven simple reasons why now could be a very good time to invest in [...]

Buying a Business?2010-11-07T16:25:18-05:00

Talent: Finding the Zone

“I can’t explain it… I’m in the zone.” -Michael Jordan The film “Good Will Hunting” tells the story of a genius kid, Will Hunting (Matt Damon), born with a photographic memory.  He can solve complex mathematical formulas only a handful of people in the world can solve. He says to his girlfriend, “Mozart could sit [...]

Talent: Finding the Zone2010-07-15T11:52:25-04:00


How do you create momentum?  Occasionally a day at work feels like riding a wave, but most days it’s a struggle just to tread water.  Progress seems to die.  The ‘forces of nature’ are somehow working against you.  What’s behind this?  Several laws seem to be constantly working against us. […]


Health Care Act of 2010

The Health Care Act of 2010 (Health Care Act) is perhaps the most far-reaching legislation in a generation. It was designed to reform fundamentally the entire U.S. health care system. Once this legislation is fully implemented, it will have a major impact on virtually every business and individual by requiring the majority of U.S. residents [...]

Health Care Act of 20102010-04-15T21:15:03-04:00
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