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Florida Retroactive Alimony Modifications

Recently in Florida, there have been major proposal changes by the Senate concerning alimony support payments for divorcing couples.  On February 8, 2013, a bill was introduced which would have amended the current laws in Florida and called for the elimination of permanent alimony awards in the state.  Alimony is typically a monthly payment that [...]

Florida Retroactive Alimony Modifications2013-11-02T15:03:03-04:00

Phantom Stock vs. Actual Stock

Attracting and retaining the right people has always been a top concern for small business owners.  They ask: How do we attract the right talent and how do we keep them from becoming a competitor?  Additionally, how do we motivate these people and align them with our objectives of maximizing profits and business value?  Compensation [...]

Phantom Stock vs. Actual Stock2012-11-21T12:52:23-05:00

What to Look For in a Forensic Accountant

The processes used to determine and prove financial damages or proper valuations are often very delicate and highly complicated.  Further, it often takes more than just an accountant to uncover inaccuracies or irregularities in financial data, interpret their impact, and then convince decision makers of such findings.  That is why it is critical to employ [...]

What to Look For in a Forensic Accountant2012-07-06T10:10:10-04:00

Business Valuation: What’s a Business Really Worth?

Business valuation.  How complex can those two words be?  On the surface it would seem that the science of business valuation involves simply applying a formula to a given set of financial data.  A business worth X is always worth X regardless of how you look at it, right?  Not exactly.  In the litigation arena [...]

Business Valuation: What’s a Business Really Worth?2012-04-15T19:45:13-04:00

Alimony Changes in Florida

The Tampa Bay Times reported that on May 1, 2013, Governor Rick Scott vetoed a controversial bill to end permanent alimony related to divorce cases in the state of Florida.  In his veto letter to President Don Gaetz of the Florida Senate, Scott explained that he opposed modification of existing alimony law because it would [...]

Alimony Changes in Florida2012-01-03T01:47:20-05:00

Traditional Divorce vs. Collaborative Divorce

Divorce comes with a high price tag, both financially and emotionally, regardless of the steps that are taken between filing the divorce papers and signing off on the final documents.  Except for the death of a loved one, divorce is life’s most emotional and psychologically impactful experience.  When compounded with financial pressures, child issues, and [...]

Traditional Divorce vs. Collaborative Divorce2011-12-26T15:57:19-05:00

History of Collaborative Divorce

Written for & posted on the professional website Collaborative Divorce Institute of Tampa Bay “Collaborative Divorce is a relatively new approach.  The concept was first birthed in the early 1990s when lawyers finally realized that divorce is not a legal issue; it is a personal relationship issue that has legal attachments.  Prior to the 1990s, all divorce [...]

History of Collaborative Divorce2011-12-02T16:21:40-05:00

Quick Divorce Facts

Divorce rates remain about 50 percent for first-time marriages in the United States, with approximately 3.5 to 5 percent of all marriages ending every year.  Additionally, as reported in divorcestatistics.org, the divorce rate increases to over 60% for second marriages and over 70% for third marriages.  Sadly, two out of three marriages ending in divorce [...]

Quick Divorce Facts2011-12-01T16:16:06-05:00

Divorce Valuation: Active vs. Passive Appreciation

In divorce cases, attorneys will often call upon a business valuation expert to distinguish between “active” and “passive” appreciation when deciding how certain spousal assets should be divided and allocated.  The difference is crucial.  A spouse’s interest in a closely-held business often represents the most valuable asset he or she owns and is also often [...]

Divorce Valuation: Active vs. Passive Appreciation2011-07-15T11:29:15-04:00

Message to Deliver

The year was 1912 and Theodore Roosevelt was campaigning for re-election.  By the evening of October 14 his campaign had carried him to Milwaukee, Wisconsin where he was to deliver a speech in the city’s public auditorium.  As he was leaving his hotel to be driven to the auditorium, a saloon keeper named John Shrank, [...]

Message to Deliver2011-07-15T09:45:23-04:00
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