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Fraud During The COVID-19 Crisis

The coronavirus pandemic has had various effects on people throughout organizations. One growing problem is the increased risk of occupational fraud caused by social, emotional, and economic turmoil. There are several reasons why business people cheat and steal during a crisis like COVID-19, and a few ways businesses can mitigate their risk of fraud. Economic Pressures One of the primary drivers of occupational fraud during economic turmoil is personal financial loss (both actual and perceived). Business [...]

Ripple of Hope

June 6th marks a significant date in the history of our country. On June 6, 1944, the Allied forces launched the greatest combination of air, land, and sea power in the Invasion of Normandy. Today, 76 years later, our country is in the midst of great uncertainty, turmoil, and unrest. In this season, may we never forget those brave men and women who fought to protect our great freedoms. May we continue to stand today with [...]

Isn’t Collaborative Divorce Too Expensive for Regular People Like Me?

I hear all the time that normal people can’t afford a collaborative divorce. Regular people who come to me for counsel on how best to restructure their families (of course, that’s not how they frame it up when they first walk through the door!) tell me this all the time. But collaborative divorce is not just for the rich and famous. I teamed up with Shannon Green, a certified public accountant and collaborative financial neutral to [...]

Six Secrets to Be a Valuable Note-Taker in Collaborate Divorce

Those of us who have been through training in the Collaborative process under the one coach model are familiar with the collaborative team. This team consists of an attorney for each party, a financial neutral, and a neutral facilitator. The team is designed to be complete, for each party to have representation, and the neutrals to be able to present unbiased information to each party. The truth is that this is not a complete team; at [...]

Business Interruption: Attributing Value to Lost Income

Residents of the state of Florida are no strangers to disaster. From hurricanes to wildfires, unforeseen circumstances can lead to a substantial loss of income for a business. The process is simple enough; a disaster happens, an appraiser decides how much damage was done and how much income the business missed out on, and the business’ insurance company pays for the damage. But what happens when the appraiser and business owner do not agree on how [...]

What to Look For in a Forensic Accountant

The processes used to determine and prove financial damages or proper valuations are often very delicate and highly complicated.  Further, it often takes more than just an accountant to uncover inaccuracies or irregularities in financial data, interpret their impact, and then convince decision makers of such findings.  That is why it is critical to employ someone who is experienced in the handling of these matters prior to litigation at any level. […]

Role of the Forensic Accountant in Divorce

The forensic accountant in divorce cases is charged with requesting, gathering, analyzing and evaluating financial data provided by the spouses and their attorneys and then communicating his or her findings.  Specifically, forensic accounting assignments may include the following: […]

Divorce Forensics: The Search for Hidden Income

When going through a divorce, in is not uncommon for the parties to hire a valuation expert, often at the direction of their attorneys, to assist them with the process of dividing marital assets.  This is especially true when one or both of the individuals involved have business ownership interests.  As emotions can lead people to act “out of character”, doing things that they normally would not do, hidden income can become a major issue in [...]

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