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Financial Aid with Alimony Modification

Did you get divorced in the State of Florida? Do you pay alimony? Is your business or your income suffering because of Coronavirus? Are you unable to make the same level of income going forward because of the lasting effects of COVID19? Or has the pandemic and consequent lockdown put you completely out of business? Did your former spouse come into a windfall? Perhaps her significant other has moved in with her and they [...]

Ripple of Hope

June 6th marks a significant date in the history of our country. On June 6, 1944, the Allied forces launched the greatest combination of air, land, and sea power in the Invasion of Normandy. Today, 76 years later, our country is in the midst of great uncertainty, turmoil, and unrest. In this season, may we never forget those brave men and women who fought to protect our great freedoms. May we continue to stand today [...]

Isn’t Collaborative Divorce Too Expensive for Regular People Like Me?

I hear all the time that normal people can’t afford a collaborative divorce. Regular people who come to me for counsel on how best to restructure their families (of course, that’s not how they frame it up when they first walk through the door!) tell me this all the time. But collaborative divorce is not just for the rich and famous. I teamed up with Shannon Green, a certified public accountant and collaborative financial neutral [...]

Six Secrets to Be a Valuable Note-Taker in Collaborate Divorce

Those of us who have been through training in the Collaborative process under the one coach model are familiar with the collaborative team. This team consists of an attorney for each party, a financial neutral, and a neutral facilitator. The team is designed to be complete, for each party to have representation, and the neutrals to be able to present unbiased information to each party. The truth is that this is not a complete team; [...]

How Far Is Too Far for the Financial Neutral?

We all learn during collaborative basic training of the importance of each team member staying “in their lane”. We learn this is particularly true for neutrals, whose single biggest pitfall is perhaps the risk of losing the perception of neutrality. As we know, once a client perceives that the neutral professional is no longer acting ‘neutral’, trust is lost, and the case is likely headed down a destructive path. Thus, it is crucial for the [...]

The Collaborative Divorce Process in Florida Law

In recent years, as divorce for many couples has become increasingly costly, both financially and emotionally, collaborative divorce has grown in popularity as an alternative to the traditional litigation approach in an effort to help couples part more peacefully, saving them time and money. In 2017, The Collaborative Law Process Act became Part 3 of Chapter 61 of our Florida Statutes. So how does collaborative divorce work? How does it begin and end, and what [...]

Steps after the Marital Settlement Agreement (MSA) is Signed

Just because the ink has dried on the Marital Settlement Agreement (“MSA”), doesn’t mean everything is settled and you can freely move on to the next phase of your life.  There are many things that need to be handled once your divorce is finalized.  While the list below is not comprehensive, it is a good starting point and may also enable you to think about additional items that may need to be addressed. […]

New Job Description: “Full-Time Peacemaker”

Harvard Law Professor and Collaborative Attorney David A. Hoffman recently lectured on “Lawyers as Peacemakers.”  He now describes his occupation as "full-time peacemaker".  More and more attorneys, forensic accountants, business valuation experts, CPAs and other professionals are embracing this same job description.  Collaborative law, or the practice of peacemaking, is a fast-growing movement with deep historical roots. Abraham Lincoln (as an attorney) once said: “Discourage litigation.  Persuade neighbors to compromise whenever you can.  As a peacemaker the lawyer [...]

Collaborative Divorce in the Golden Years

Is divorce in retirement different than for younger couples? And, if so, how? Three of us, one divorce lawyer and two financial neutrals, sat down one day to talk about the issues involved in the typical gray divorce, marriages in which older spouses (“grey-haired”) are now splitting up. The questions are interesting, to say the least. What are the key financial issues that can arise in a gray divorce? What issues should particularly concern people? [...]

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