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Fraud During The COVID-19 Crisis

The coronavirus pandemic has had various effects on people throughout organizations. One growing problem is the increased risk of occupational fraud caused by social, emotional, and economic turmoil. There are several reasons why business people cheat and steal during a crisis like COVID-19, and a few ways businesses can mitigate their risk of fraud. Economic Pressures One of the primary drivers of occupational fraud during economic turmoil is personal financial loss (both actual and perceived). [...]

Ripple of Hope

June 6th marks a significant date in the history of our country. On June 6, 1944, the Allied forces launched the greatest combination of air, land, and sea power in the Invasion of Normandy. Today, 76 years later, our country is in the midst of great uncertainty, turmoil, and unrest. In this season, may we never forget those brave men and women who fought to protect our great freedoms. May we continue to stand today [...]

Value and Risk

We have all heard the expression “the greater the risk the greater the reward”. The adage remains true when considering the value of a company. The value of a business is impacted by the amount of risk involved in receiving a future reward. As with all investment decisions, the risk-to-reward tradeoff must be measured. In general, the greater the risk, the lower the current value (and therefore greater future reward) is in the eyes of [...]

How to Get Back to Work after a Career Break

Have you ever thought about re-launching your career after a break?  Frequently, parents find themselves back in the work force after a career break related to raising a growing family or for any number of reasons.  What is the best way to relaunch a career? Carol Fishman Cohen explores a concept related to internships for employees who have taken a break from their career.  Ms. Cohen has coined the term “Relaunchers” to describe this trend [...]

Phantom Stock vs. Actual Stock

Attracting and retaining the right people has always been a top concern for small business owners.  They ask: How do we attract the right talent and how do we keep them from becoming a competitor?  Additionally, how do we motivate these people and align them with our objectives of maximizing profits and business value?  Compensation and benefit strategies play a crucial role in this discussion. […]

Buying a Business?

Given our stock market volatility, massive federal debt and ongoing spending, high unemployment, and general economic uncertainty, it’s no wonder many investors are currently sitting on cash and metals.  However, our current economic environment could be ideal conditions for certain business buyers.  Here are seven simple reasons why now could be a very good time to invest in small businesses. […]

Health Care Act of 2010

The Health Care Act of 2010 (Health Care Act) is perhaps the most far-reaching legislation in a generation. It was designed to reform fundamentally the entire U.S. health care system. Once this legislation is fully implemented, it will have a major impact on virtually every business and individual by requiring the majority of U.S. residents not covered by Medicaid or Medicare to obtain health care coverage either individually or through his or her employer. This article [...]

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