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How Can Forensic Accountants assist in Determining Damages related to Hurricane Claims?

Forensic accountants use their skills to compile, organize, and analyze data to present information to insurance adjusters that assists them in understanding financial information and establishing fact patterns as it relates to adjusting insurance claims.

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Business Interruption: Attributing Value to Lost Income

Residents of the state of Florida are no strangers to disaster. From hurricanes to wildfires, unforeseen circumstances can lead to a substantial loss of income for a business. The process is simple enough; a disaster happens, an appraiser decides how much damage was done and how much income the business missed out on, and the business’ insurance company pays for the damage. But what happens when the appraiser and business owner do not agree on how much income was foregone? We will discuss this, as well as the process of a business interruption insurance claim below:

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Health Care Act of 2010

The Health Care Act of 2010 (Health Care Act) is perhaps the most far-reaching legislation in a generation. It was designed to reform fundamentally the entire U.S. health care system. Once this legislation is fully implemented, it will have a major impact on virtually every business and individual by requiring the majority of U.S. residents not covered by Medicaid or Medicare to obtain health care coverage either individually or through his or her employer. This article outlines important Federal tax changes contained in this recent legislation.

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