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The Value of an Accountant

Whether on the Cash Flows Statement of a large corporation or on your personal budget, stakeholders are always looking to increase profits. By definition, this can be achieved by either increasing revenues or by decreasing expenses. So when does it become advisable to increase expenses?

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Crossroads of Brokenness

There was a Jewish boy who grew up in Germany many years ago.  This boy deeply admired his father.  His father led the family to their Jewish Synagogue faithfully and the boy grew up with strong Jewish values and beliefs.

In his teen years his family was forced to move to another town in Germany where there was no Synagogue; only a Lutheran church- the life of the community.  The Lutheran church was the gathering place for all of the town’s important businessmen.  Wanting to be well-connected in business, his father made the family abandon their Jewish traditions and join the Lutheran church.  The boy was deeply wounded and confused by his Father.

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How to Get Back to Work after a Career Break

Have you ever thought about re-launching your career after a break?  Frequently, parents find themselves back in the work force after a career break related to raising a growing family or for any number of reasons.  What is the best way to relaunch a career?

Carol Fishman Cohen explores a concept related to internships for employees who have taken a break from their career.  Ms. Cohen has coined the term “Relaunchers” to describe this trend and is introducing this concept to potential employers.  The best part is that employers are embracing the concept.

Message to Deliver

The year was 1912 and Theodore Roosevelt was campaigning for re-election.  By the evening of October 14 his campaign had carried him to Milwaukee, Wisconsin where he was to deliver a speech in the city’s public auditorium.  As he was leaving his hotel to be driven to the auditorium, a saloon keeper named John Shrank, approached Roosevelt with his pistol and fired a bullet into Roosevelt’s chest, knocking him down.  As bystanders subdued the gunman, Roosevelt stood up, surveyed his blood-spattered shirt and bullet wound, and forced himself to cough, as he had learned from his army days, to see if he was coughing blood due to significant internal bleeding.  Finding no blood in his saliva, he demanded that he be driven to the auditorium to deliver his speech.

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Talent: Finding the Zone

“I can’t explain it… I’m in the zone.” -Michael Jordan

The film “Good Will Hunting” tells the story of a genius kid, Will Hunting (Matt Damon), born with a photographic memory.  He can solve complex mathematical formulas only a handful of people in the world can solve.

He says to his girlfriend, “Mozart could sit at the piano and just play.  I look at the piano and just see keys, but when I look at this (math and science problems) I could always just play.”

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