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How Can Forensic Accountants assist in Determining Damages related to Hurricane Claims?

Forensic accountants use their skills to compile, organize, and analyze data to present information to insurance adjusters that assists them in understanding financial information and establishing fact patterns as it relates to adjusting insurance claims.

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How to Get Back to Work after a Career Break

Have you ever thought about re-launching your career after a break?  Frequently, parents find themselves back in the work force after a career break related to raising a growing family or for any number of reasons.  What is the best way to relaunch a career?

Carol Fishman Cohen explores a concept related to internships for employees who have taken a break from their career.  Ms. Cohen has coined the term “Relaunchers” to describe this trend and is introducing this concept to potential employers.  The best part is that employers are embracing the concept.

Phantom Stock vs. Actual Stock

Attracting and retaining the right people has always been a top concern for small business owners.  They ask: How do we attract the right talent and how do we keep them from becoming a competitor?  Additionally, how do we motivate these people and align them with our objectives of maximizing profits and business value?  Compensation and benefit strategies play a crucial role in this discussion.

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Variable Annuities: Pros and Cons

No investment product has created so much controversy and evoked so much criticism as the variable annuity.  The truth is, variable annuity products are as diverse as the agencies and  individuals who sell them.  However, there are several pros and cons common to most variable annuity products in existence today:

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Buying a Business?

Given our stock market volatility, massive federal debt and ongoing spending, high unemployment, and general economic uncertainty, it’s no wonder many investors are currently sitting on cash and metals.  However, our current economic environment could be ideal conditions for certain business buyers.  Here are seven simple reasons why now could be a very good time to invest in small businesses.

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